4 trendy garden accessories

Decorating a home is not just about the interior design. Many homeowners make the mistake of caring only for the rooms in the house, neglecting the outdoor space. If you have a garden, it is essential to arrange it properly in order to have a place conducive to rest and relaxation that gives more character to your home. Find out which garden accessories to use to make your exterior more attractive.

Install a beautiful fountain in your garden

Much appreciated in recent years, the fountain is now part of the landscape of many gardens. Installing this accessory in the exterior frame of a house has multiple advantages. The garden fountain first of all beautifies your outdoor space. This is the accessory to choose if you want it give a new look. Depending on the style of fountain you have selected, your garden will be more aesthetic and attractive.

It is a decorative element in its own right, because it attracts attention every time. No one can remain insensitive to the magnificent spectacle offered by the garden fountain. Nowadays, most fountains, regardless of the system they have, are illuminated. They are therefore equipped with LED bulbs which, once night falls, light up and give a special charm to your garden.

This decor will be even more beautiful if you opt for fountains that can shelter plants (flowery arches, bushes, etc.). The other advantage of the fountain is that it is easy to install, use and maintain. As experts explain garden decoration of Wanda Collection, most fountains are marketed as kits. Their installation, as well as their use, is then very easy.

How to create a carp pond in your garden?

Installing a carp pond in your garden will radically transform it. The movement of the fish, the color of the plants or the gentle rustling of the water form an ecosystem that contributes to creating a soothing and sublime decor. Besides creating a space conducive to well-being, to harmony and good humor, the installation of a carp pond will change your garden into a place of reunion. Don’t hesitate to hire a landscaper.

Family or friends, you can meet up with your loved ones around the pool to sit down and chat or to let your thoughts wander. In order to create a carp pond, it is best to use the landscaper services. This professional is used to laying this type of infrastructure. He will be able to tell you about the type of carp you can raise and how you should take care of them.

decoration garden accessories

Create a marked path with designer lamps

The garden is one of the places in your home that you should make the most of, day and night. You must therefore pay particular attention to the lighting of this space, not only to facilitate passage in the dark, but also to embellish it. The creation of a marked path with designer lamps in your exterior will allow you to create a real light attraction in this part of your home. It is a major decorative asset, because it fully participates in the layout of your garden.

In order to create a marked path in your exterior, spotlights are the most suitable luminaires. They will sufficiently illuminate the path you have traced. It is up to you to select the type of lighting you wish to install. If your garden is not well lit and you want to guarantee the safety of passers-by, opt for spotlights that offer a clean and bright light. On the other hand, if you are only looking for the decorative aspect, you can bet on lights that offer warm and more subdued lighting.

Set up a cozy garden lounge

Do you want to give a cocooning side to your ecological garden? For this, you must focus on the comfort of your outdoor space. The layout of a cozy garden furniture lends itself perfectly to this setting. Thanks to it, you can easily set up a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. To set up the cozy garden furniture, you will need comfortable outdoor furniture such as garden armchairs. Do not hesitate to decorate the whole with sculptures adapted to a zen atmosphere. You can also add lighting and cocooning elements such as rugs, pillows, etc. If you don’t have the budget to buy garden furniture, you can use salvaged furniture.

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