5 steps to make a 3-dimensional house plan!

The construction stage of a house always begins with the realization of a 3D model, not only to have an idea of ​​the final result of your house, but also to be able to calculate the cost of construction. This model makes it possible to have a plan upstream and to be able to carry out modifications in advance. However, although it is necessary, this work is not easy. In this article, we show you in 5 steps how to make a success of your 3D house plan.

Step 1: choose 3D modeling software

The first step to creating your 3D house is to choose a good working software. Indeed, today there is a wide variety of applications for carrying out these types of work. Each of them having its specificities, it is important to find the software with which you are the most comfortable or the one which will be the easiest for you to use. Among the most popular today you have:

  • HomeByMe;
  • ArchiFacile;
  • Kozikaza;
  • Cedar Architect;
  • Sweet Home 3D.

Some are more suitable for a few types of houses while others can allow you to do everything. It’s up to you to choose the one that is the most accessible and the easiest to use.

sketch your house plan

Step 2: sketch your house plan

Once the ideal software is found, you can move on to drawing the sketch of your house plan. For that, it will be necessary to start by inserting the important external elements which base the structure of the house. These include: the fences, the terrace, the various driveways, the garage, the swimming pool, etc.

Once these elements have been drawn, you can move on to setting up the interior elements of the house. To do this, you can start by adding the doors and windows and the interior stairs. It will also be necessary to make the distribution of the rooms according to their dimensions.

Step 3: furnish the plan in 3D

With the architecture of the house in place, you can proceed to the choice of furniture and various decorative elements. To start, you will have to choose a floor covering and furniture for each room of the house. You must also choose the garden furniture, plants and various other accessories that will be used to furnish your home.

To have the 3D plan closest to reality, it is important to choose this type of accessories carefully. You must insert the specific elements for each room such as water and light points, swimming pool accessories and any other useful element.

Step 4: create high definition images

Once you have completed your layout, you need to create an HD rendering of your house plan. This allows you to have sharper images that are closer to reality. HD renderings allow you to have the most realistic version of your home possible, making modifications easier. Also, you can make 2D images with the measurements and areas of each room. This will make it easier for you to choose the necessary materials and their quantity at the time of purchase.

create high definition images

Step 5: Seek professional advice

After making a 3D house plan by yourself, it is always important to have the advice of a professional. The latter will be able to watch the work with his expert eye and help you make the necessary changes.

In addition, it could also help you choose the materials to use for the exterior elements, but also those of the interior. In addition, you can also show your 3D plan to those around you to gather their opinions.

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