5 wooden landscaping ideas to enhance your exterior

Landscaping is necessary to make the most of this part of the house. This involves carrying out various works and can be carried out with all possible materials. When it comes to giving originality to the decor, the choice of wood is ideal. Noble, this material presents a great diversity and lends itself to many uses. We give you 5 wooden landscaping ideas to help you enhance your exterior.

A wooden terrace to bring character to your exterior

The exterior being the first part of the house accessible to all visitors, it must be made as aesthetically pleasing as possible. To do this, you can bet on the establishment of a wooden terrace. This type of development can adjoin the accommodation, located in a larger space or at the level of the swimming pool. There are a wide variety of wood species that lend themselves to outdoor use. This is particularly the case for ipé, itauba, larch, autoclave, cumaru, pine, etc. The specialists of construction of wooden decks are qualified to help you choose the wood that best suits your design idea.

Depending on the geographic location of your home and the location dedicated to the terrace, they may recommend the use of a softwood, exotic, composite or other wood. The possibilities in terms of design are numerous. You have the option of combining wood with other materials such as stone or gravel, depending on the case. Whatever the case, the durability of your installation can be guaranteed thanks to specific treatments. To make sure you how to build a wooden deckcall on a company specializing in wooden exterior fittings. Be sure to ask for the achievements and compare the terms of the services of different structures to make your choice.

Outdoor layout wooden terrace

Opt for a solid wood garden furniture

In order to give a special cachet to your exterior, include a solid wood garden furniture. This type of furniture is not found in all homes, which makes it prestigious. A solid wood garden furniture usually presents itself with an artisanal touch. Its choice therefore allows you to create a warm decor that is unlike any other. Wood has the advantage of being able to blend in with all styles of decoration. So, whatever the architecture of your house, wooden furniture will be welcome outside. They will also be in their place in a green or wooded environment.

Several species of wood are used to design solid wood garden furniture. Note that teak is appreciated for its aesthetic appearance and its natural resistance to various external aggressions. Sheltered in winter, furniture made of this material retains its appearance and integrity for a very long time. Presenting itself in shades of brown, itauba furniture is also perfect for an outdoor wood layout. They are resistant both to climatic factors and to xylophagous pests (insects that consume wood). Other wood species such as locust, acacia, oak or cumaru are good materials for garden furniture.

A wooden shed to store your garden equipment

If you have a garden at home, you probably have a variety of tools for maintaining it. The storage of this equipment is part of the exterior layout. Consider installing a wooden shed for storing equipment garden and sublimate your exterior. Such a garden shed is a real element of development and will stand out in its environment. It can be designed in multiple sizes.

You can have a 2 m² wooden shed intended to contain mainly gardening tools and other equipment. You have the possibility of making such a shelter an additional living room by opting for a model with an area of ​​up to 12 m², or even more. You can set up an office or a workshop there if you are a big DIY enthusiast. A habitable wooden garden shed will bring sure to add value to your home as a whole.

wooden terrace garden layout

No garage: build a wooden carport

If you don’t have a garage at home, then consider install a wooden carport. You can thus ensure the protection of your vehicle from bad weather while adding an additional element to the exterior layout of your home. The advantage of building a wooden carport is that this structure is out of the ordinary. The aesthetic differences of the types of wood used for this purpose make it possible to obtain original renderings.

There are companies specializing in the design and installation of wooden carports. Thanks to them, you will be able to discover aesthetic solutions allowing you to shelter your car at home. Depending on the space available outside, you can have the construction lean against the housing or even close the sides. Note that you will need planning permission if the carport has a footprint of at least 20m². You will not be forced to take a step in this direction if there is only one car in the house.

Wooden railings to combine safety and aesthetics

The last idea ofoutdoor wood furnishings that we propose to you concerns guardrails. These security elements are often made of metallic materials. The option of wooden models is a smart way to set your outdoor decor apart from everyone else’s. Some professionals offer to make custom orders.

Choose one and associate it with your wood railing installation project. You can find them on the internet and some offer you the possibility of making an estimate on their website. You actually have the possibility to indicate the type of wood, design and dimensions desired for the design of your wooden railings. In addition, you can combine wood and metal, for example by deciding to install a wooden handrail on a stainless steel railing.

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