6 steps to follow in the event of a burglary

Unfortunately, it is quite common to find your home vandalized and burglarized after several days of absence. A bad surprise that you would do without when you return from vacation! We present in our article of the day 6 steps to follow if you find yourself faced with this type of situation.

1. Don’t touch anything

Although it is very tempting to put your vandalized home in order and your first instinct is to reorganize your living space, you absolutely must not move objects from place or clean your home before the arrival of the authorities. It is important not to touch objects or damaged doors or windows, as they may constitute important evidence for the investigation.

2. Contact law enforcement

Upon discovering this unfortunate spectacle and without touching or moving your belongings, you must directly call the police to report the burglary. Law enforcement can investigate the scene and gather evidence to identify the perpetrators of the break-in. They are the ones who are in charge of this case and who will try to do you justice.

3. Take pictures of your home

Consider taking photos of damage to your property and damaged items. These photos can be used to support your claim for compensation from your insurer. It is important that you keep visual evidence of the offence, although law enforcement will also take photos to help with their investigation.

Call your insurer

4. Call your insurer

Contact your home insurance company as soon as possible to report the burglary. You will need to provide details of stolen goods and damage to your property. It is important to keep all the evidence (invoices, photos, etc.) to help your insurer process your claim. If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to subscribe to a home insurance online to protect you against the risk of burglary.

5. Reinforce security systems

If your property has been broken into, it’s likely that burglars are aware of the weak points in your security. It is therefore important to strengthen the security of your property to prevent further burglaries in the future. For example, you can invest in surveillance cameras or motion detectors that you can directly connect via an application on your smartphone.

6. Take care of your mental health

A burglary can be a traumatic experience. Indeed, finding your home upside down, stripped of your belongings and vandalized is not pleasant for anyone. Be sure to take care of your emotional well-being by seeking support from loved ones or contacting professionals if necessary. Consulting a psychologist for a while can be a solution to progress at the psychological level.


In summary, in the event of a burglary, it is important to call the authorities, not to touch the evidence, to take photos, to contact your insurer, to reinforce the security of your property and to take care of your well-being. emotional.

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