a decorative trend to adopt at home

Line art is one of the trendiest decorating styles. It is characterized by the use of bare lines, bold or thin, and geometric shapes to create varied patterns. Particularly appreciated for its simplicity and lightness, it can give your interior a contemporary touch. Discover here the line art to transform your interior into a space full of modernity!

What are the particularities of line art?

Line art is a style of drawing that uses simple geometric shapes to create graphic lines and shapes. It is a decorative trend that fits easily into any type of room or interior space. Line art can be created with fine or broad strokes, bright or soft colors and various patterns.

Geometric shapes can be circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, hexagons, ovals, etc. These designs can be combined to create more complex shapes. The lines can be dark or light, and even thick to give different impressions. For example, you will find line art patterns at the house of artcamiain its large collection of wall posters.

Line drawing is also used to change the atmosphere of a room and give a modern and contemporary look. It can also create a relaxing or dynamic atmosphere depending on the colors and patterns chosen. In addition, line art is very aesthetic and can be used to highlight certain rooms or decorations thanks to its fine lines.

Therefore, line art is a very interesting decorative trend to adopt in your home. It offers many possibilities for creation and customization. Simple geometric shapes and varied colors create a unique and original atmosphere, whether modern, contemporary, relaxing or dynamic.

The line art poster poster

Opt for line art paintings and posters at home

THE line art paintings and posters are a bold and minimalist decorative trend to adopt in your home. Crisp lines and geometric shapes characterize these paintings and posters that were popularized by artists such as Piet Mondrian and Paul Klee. These line art works can be arranged in such a way as to create a relaxed, modern and intoxicating atmosphere in your interior.

Line art paintings and posters can be incorporated into a wide range of design styles. interior decoration. They will blend perfectly with Art Deco decoration, modernism and minimalism, and can fit perfectly into an existing collection of artistic paintings.

Plus, you can choose from a variety of line patterns to suit your style and decor. You can also opt for wider and bolder lines to bring a more dynamic touch to your space or finer lines for a more sophisticated touch. Whatever size and color you choose, line art paintings are a better way to bring your interior to life.

In addition, line art paintings and posters can be a way to meditate and relax. Its simple, clean lines can be used to clear the mind and help find inner peace. They also help to purify the mind and eliminate stress and anxiety.

What decoration goes perfectly with line art?

Line art is a decorative trend which has established itself in modern interiors in recent years. It is very versatile, as it can be incorporated into many styles such as bohemian and minimalist styles, but also into any other style.

To perfectly accompany the line art, the bohemian style offers a warm atmosphere and a relaxed design. In fact, clean lines and geometric patterns pair perfectly with bright colors and embellishments. Bohemian throw pillows and patterned throws can give your room a chic look. Likewise, soft colors and floral patterns are essential to the bohemian style and are perfect to accompany line art. In addition, wicker, rattan and wooden furniture bring comfort and charm to a room that houses line art paintings and posters.

Line art can be associated with a minimalist decor to create a clean atmosphere and accentuate the specific aesthetic of line art. The minimalist style allows the intense colors and texture of the line art to stand out. The simple and neutral colors of the minimalist decor help to emphasize the line art without making it too intrusive. For example, white offers a touch of elegance and modernity to the space, while beige and gray help create a serene and soft atmosphere. Furniture with simple, elegant lines is one of the best ways to complement line art, as it adds depth and vibrancy to the room.

Finally, line art is a decorative trend to adopt at home. It perfectly fits bohemian and minimalist styles, and can be complemented with bright colors, impressive ornaments, modern furniture and discreet accessories.

Make your own line art painting yourself

The trend of line art is currently very popular in interior decoration. It offers endless creative possibilities and is a great alternative to three-dimensional art. With a little time and patience, you can create your own line art board.

To start, you need a support for your work. Materials such as sheets of paper, wood, fabric, or recycled materials like plastic backings may be suitable. You will also need basic drawing and coloring materials, such as markers, colored pencils and markers.

Line art, a decorative trend

Then start drawing on your medium and choose your style. You can use straight lines, curved lines, dots, circles and abstract patterns. You can even incorporate personal elements or words into your work. Above all, use a ruler to work faster and to be more precise. You can also use a compass for perfect discs or circles.

When the painting is finished, you can add colors and enhance your work with acrylic paint, inks and pigments. It is also possible to print your design on a special paper and stick it on your canvas. Your line art painting is ready to be showcased in your home. You can hang it in your living room, entryway, bedroom, or even your office.

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