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Several reasons can justify the renovation of an old building. This is also an operation that is encouraged by the government. It is for this reason that certain aids are available to facilitate this work. “MaPrimeRénov” is one of these aids. This article will tell you more about it.

Why do renovations?

Renovation work can take place in different situations. Thus, the renovation can consist of refreshing and embellishing your building. The renovation can also concern the repair of a room such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

But there are also heavier jobs. They take into account the complete renovation of the house, expansion works, energy renovation, etc. Several advantages are associated with the use of this work.

The achievement of energy saving

Renovation work can save you money on energy bills. Indeed, some studies have shown that when a house is poorly insulated, it could increase the rate of energy consumption.

This consumption, which is generally 60%, can increase by more than 15%. This will also increase your electricity bill. However, when the house is well insulated, you save money on your heating bill. Thus, a renovation in connection with the insulation can allow you to make savings on energy consumption.

The contribution to the interior comfort of the house

The expansion work, the embellishment work and the insulation work contribute to the comfort of the occupants of the dwelling. Indeed, the expansion allows to have more space in the house. As for the work of insulation, they allow to have a good temperature in its interior space. Thus, you are protected against the cold in the winter season. In the summer, a well-insulated building protects the occupants against the heat.

Also, the right temperature in the interior space of the house helps to regulate the humidity level. This prevents the formation of mold. These are harmful to health. In addition, they destroy certain building structures such as frames.

The contribution to the interior comfort of the house

MaPrimeRénov”: What do you need to know?

Implemented since January 2020, MaPrimeRénov’ for comprehensive renovation is financial aid granted in the form of a lump sum to individuals in the event of renovation of their accommodation. MaPrimeRénov’ is the result of the merger of three aids which are:

  • The Energy Transition Tax Credit (CITE)
  • The “Living better agility” aid from the National Housing Agency (Anah) and
  • the “Living better serenity” aid from Anah.

The amount depends on your income category and the type of renovation work carried out.

Who can benefit ?

Granted by Anah, MaPrimeRénov’ is intended for all owners (whether they rent the home to be renovated or take care of it), regardless of their income. But to benefit from it, the building must be at least fifteen (15) years old. However, if the renovation concerns the replacement of an oil-fired boiler, the accommodation may be less than two (2) years old.

In addition, if it is a “lessor owner” who wishes to benefit from this bonus, he must undertake to:

  • Renting out the property as a primary residence

The lease term must not be less than five (5) years. However, it can exceed it. This period begins to run from the day the premium was paid.

  • Inform the tenant of the execution of the work having been financed by MaPrimeRénov”.
  • Subtract, in the event of a reassessment of the rent, the amount of the premium from that of the works which justify such a reassessment.
  • Hold, inform the tenant.

It should be noted that to benefit from this bonus, you must entrust the carrying out of the said work to a craftsman Recognized as Guarantor of the Environment (RGE).

MaPrimeRénov’: For which works?

MaPrimeRénov’ is set up to finance the following renovation works:

  • Heating system replacement work

This aid can be granted if you wish to replace your heating system with a newer, more efficient and above all more ecological device.

  • Thermal insulation works

Are eligible for this premium, the work of insulation of the walls (both inside and outside), converted attic and roof terrace.

  • The installation of an auxiliary heater

It is also possible to benefit from MaPrimeRénov’ for the installation of an ecological and efficient auxiliary heating (the pellet or log stove for example).

  • Removal of an oil tank
  • Installation of a domestic hot water production system
  • The energy audit.

Procedure to benefit from “MaPrimeRénov”

To qualify for this assistance, you must complete certain procedures. These steps begin with a request. This involves creating an account on a platform dedicated to this purpose. At the same time as the request, certain supporting documents must be submitted.

A study of your request is then made by an instructor. If eligible, you will be notified. From then on, work can begin.

Once the work is completed, you must request an invoice from the professional who carried out the work. This invoice accompanied by your bank account statement will then be sent for your payment.

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