Are oil-fired boilers really more economical?

Many homes use oil-fired boilers to heat their homes. There are various heating models that facilitate the production of domestic hot water. However, the oil boiler will no longer be part of the world of heating equipment in a few years. Therefore, many people wonder if the oil boiler is really economical and if it can be integrated into energy renovation work!

How does an oil boiler work?

The oil boiler works on the basis of the combustion of domestic fuel oil. In order for this combustion phenomenon to occur, the fuel oil in question must reach a certain temperature in the presence of oxygen. It is the burner which will allow the combination between the two elements as well as the combustion.

For precision, the burner has a nozzle which allows the spraying of domestic fuel oil. With regard to the combustion air propulsion, there are two types of burners. One is the atmospheric burner which takes the air necessary for combustion from the space where the boiler is located. This air is then ignited in the burner itself. There is also the forced air burner with which the air is forced through a ventilation system. Moreover, you will find more information on This site concerning the operation of the oil-fired boiler and its consumption.

There combustion will produce heat which will heat a water circuit. The water will thus become hot and will be used to supply the underfloor heating, the radiators, etc. The heat which is produced by combustion with domestic fuel oil can also participate in the heating of the water used on a daily basis.

oil boiler operation

Where can you find oil for your boiler?

Fuel oil is a fuel which guarantees the operation of the boiler. This ranks it in 3rd place in the ranking of heating energy sources used by the French. However, with the increase in energy prices, the purchase of fuel oil is a strategic question.

There are specialized sellers, including sites where you can order fuel according to your needs. It is imperative to know when to buy to take advantage of the best prices. During the winter period, there is a strong demand for fuel oil, which at the same time leads to a rise in prices. However, in summer and spring, the boilers are used less and therefore the demand drops. It is therefore at these times that we advise you to buy fuel oil to obtain it at a cheaper price.

If possible, contact an expert in fuel delivery. It will also be more reactive in summer, since the requests are less important at this time. Also note that fuel oil suppliers often organize promotional sales during the summer season. For this purpose, they lower the prices and this will allow you to buy fuel oil at the best price. Get into the habit of finding out the price of fuel oil from suppliers before making a purchase.

How do oil boilers compare to others?

Oil-fired boilers are generally present in old homes where the insulation is not efficient. Fuel oil provides good heating comfort, but also a high calorific value. Its price is likely to vary since it is linked to the price of oil.

Compared to other systems, the oil-fired boiler offers satisfactory performance. However, it is possible to replace it with the pellet stove or wood insert which is a clean energy whose fuel cost is low. Unlike the oil boiler, it allows you to enjoy the pleasure of the flame.

There is also the air/air heat pump which ensures excellent performance, in addition to saving energy and money! Indeed, it consumes little energy and can also intervene in summer to refresh the rooms.

The air/water heat pump is also a good alternative, as it does not require connection to any energy source. In addition, it helps you to considerably reduce the amount of your bills.

Are there any potential downsides to using an oil-fired boiler?

Although the oil boiler is still used today, it is increasingly decried. This is what justifies the government’s decision to eliminate it in favor of more durable equipment.

The price of fuel oil is linked to that of oil, which means that it is likely to vary from one period to another. More often than not, it tends to increase, making it difficult for households to accurately forecast their fuel costs.

The oil boiler is a cumbersome installation, because you will necessarily need a storage tank. It must be placed in an outdoor space and have a sufficiently large capacity. In addition, it will be necessary to have an independent and ventilated room for a good installation of the device.

Also note that fuel oil combustion releases large volumes of harmful particles and greenhouse gases. It is also the most polluting heating energy. Finally, installing an oil-fired boiler is not easy and often generates substantial costs.

fuel oil boiler consumption

How do you know if an oil boiler is the right choice for your home?

First of all, note that there are different boiler technologies that run on fuel oil:

  • the low-temperature oil-fired boiler,
  • the oil-fired condensing boiler,
  • the hybrid oil-fired boiler.

The installation of this heating system requires more space than a wall-mounted gas boiler. You can choose an accumulation model that will bring you great comfortin particular when it incorporates a storage tank.

To find out if the oil boiler is perfect for your home, we advise you to take stock of your needs. Also take the time to consider the advantages and limitations of such an installation.

Despite the advantages it presents, the oil-fired boiler is set to disappear from housing in France before long. It might then be time to think about other more sustainable alternatives to ensure the heating of your home during the winter.

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