current situation, price and type of house

According to the Ministry of Housing, new construction in France is experiencing a slight increase. The number of building permits has increased from 460,000 (2018) to 471,000 (2022). However, manufacturers are faced with various problems, particularly in terms of the price of materials and the regulations in force. Here is a brief overview of the construction of a new house in France.

The current situation of new constructions in France

Since the year 2022, we have already seen the collapse of new constructions. The crisis seems historic and accelerated in the last quarter. However, in 2021, they enjoyed a rebound. If the market house building slowed down, there are different reasons for the situation. We essentially find the increase in the price of materials. The war in Ukraine is among the causes cited. With supply difficulties, the price of steel, for example, increased by 30%. The interest rate that continues to climb is also for something. Real estate developers are struggling to find takers. Not to mention the new environmental regulations that have become increasingly onerous with the requirement for ecological and less polluting materials.

New housing: the different housing models

The architecture of new houses has undoubtedly undergone changes. New construction models are more oriented towards contemporary housing. If it can be difficult to define them, we recognize them by their refined and particularly sober style. The roof is often flat. For windows, they are particularly wide or in bay windows. As for the materials, we favor wood, cinder block and bricks.

Also, for new house models, we can find:

  • container houses,
  • Ecological wooden housing,
  • And stone or brick buildings.

New homes also have their own typologies. Duplex, triplex, loft… you should also take the time to get to know them before buying one.

New homes: varied construction prices

In 2023, the price of a new house construction will vary depending on the range chosen. It can range from €1,400 to more than €3,000 per m². These prices will also depend on the type of manufacturer, the type of contract or the different types of guarantee. The construction of a traditional house of 100 m could cost between 150,000 to 210,000€. If you opt for a higher standard, you should plan between 200,000 to 300,000€ for the same area.

In these prices, the price of the ground, the works of adjustment of the ground, the interior decoration or the additional costs are not included/understood. For the time being, those who opt for self-construction can benefit from a price of around €130,000 per 100m². If you want to deal with an architect, the price can go up to €170,000 for the same surface.

Building a new house: the challenges to overcome

Currently, real estate developers face many obstacles. In some municipalities, mayors are a little reluctant to sign building permits. On top of all this, new building regulations have become more and more complicated. Indeed, the RE2020 imposes a construction much more concerned with the environment. According to the opinion of building specialists, the application of this new rule would increase construction costs.

Building a new home is no longer within everyone’s reach due to the ever-increasing cost of materials. For example, instead of using materials like concrete or steel, greener materials like wood are required. However, in recent years, the price of wood has skyrocketed by 7%. With regard to bank loans, interest rates are also increasing, which prevents individuals from having recourse to this alternative.

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