How and why motorize your swing gate?

Gates that open and close without direct human intervention are increasingly used in homes. These are motorized structures that are operated remotely. If you have a swing gate, consider equipping it with a motorization system. However, how to proceed and what are the advantages of a motorized swing gate?

The stages of the motorization of a swing gate

Automation and home automation are gradually gaining ground in homes. Thus, it is nowadays quite simple to havemotorized swing gate.

The choice of the motorization system

The first step in motorizing a gate is to choose the system to be implemented, taking into account several factors. From the outset, remember that an articulated arm system is suitable for a swing gate. In particular, you must consider the size of the structure to be automatically activated. A large and heavy swing gate requires a high power motorization device. Manufacturers offer various ranges of devices and spare parts to ensure the motorization of gates or doors. Consider exploring the best motors for swing gates of the market on specialized trade sites.

Preparation and installation of the motorization system

In order to equip your swing gate with a motorization device, it is necessary to call on professionals. Their mission will be to prepare the pose and carry it out properly. Preparation includes, among other things:

  • dismantle the gate,
  • install electrical wiring,
  • determine the location of the articulated arms.

For set up the motorization system, you must start by installing the motor supports. In order to avoid dismantling the device from the outside, the connecting brackets must be fixed to the leaves. Then, the photocells and the flashing light are to be installed. The last action is to carry out the electrical installation involving in particular the connection of the control box to the mains supply.

swing gate motorization

The benefits of motorizing a swing gate

If you have a swing gate that you have always operated by hand, you may not see the point of motorizing it. However, this option offers you many advantages.


The motorization of your swing gate will greatly facilitate your life at home. You will no longer need to walk to the portal before opening it to visitors. A small pressure on the control or a click on your smartphone will be enough to do it. Likewise, when returning home, you will no longer have to get out of your car before opening the gate. This comes in handy especially when the weather conditions are inclement.

Bringing added value to the home

Motorizing a swing gate is a way to add value to your home. That constitutes a sign of modernization of a dwelling. In order to motorize your gate, you can change it to a new, more aesthetic model. You can also perk up the existing gate with paint. All this contributes to the valuation of your property.

Finally, note that gate motorization can promote increased security your house. For example, you won’t spend a lot of time in front of your gate on your way back, and you won’t get out of the vehicle either. This will avoid possible intrusions as sometimes happens.

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