How do I know if my house has humidity problems?

Humidity is proving to be one of the biggest problems your home can face. It is capable of causing a lot of financial damage and can even put your health at stake. It is therefore important to spot it quickly to remedy this. Here are some signs that show you how to detect damp in your home.

The presence of mold

They are very dangerous for health. It would be better not to glue your furniture to the walls, as they promote condensation. If you have wooden furniture, you should be even more careful, as this facilitates the development of mold. These can be present in many rooms such as your bathrooms, your kitchens, in the pipe systems. So be sure to pay attention to all your parts.

The wet walls

The wet walls

Do you notice wet spots on the lower part of your walls that never go away? This is a sign that your home is facing a humidity problem. This is due to capillary rise. It is a phenomenon of rising water in your walls which are full of water like a sponge. This problem is very often encountered in old houses. However, if the rules of good construction are not followed, you may encounter it in your new building and you will certainly have to dry out the damp walls.

The presence of fog on your windows

The fog appears very often when you cook or when you take your bath. However, if this phenomenon is too regular, you should be concerned. If you repeatedly notice the appearance of these water droplets on your windows, you are surely faced with the problem of condensation. This is the result of poor aeration or ventilation.

Damp spots

The appearance of dark halos on your ceiling or walls is proof of the presence of humidity in your home. This is caused by a lack of waterproofing in your home which causes water infiltration.

Damp spots

You will then be faced with a water infiltration problem which must therefore be resolved immediately before it gets even worse. Otherwise, you risk endangering the structural elements of your building and your own safety.

Spotting moisture problems in your home is a fairly simple task. You just need to pay close attention to the various details in your home. Specifically on your walls and windows.

You will also have to be very careful about mold. Once you know your home is damp, it is recommended that you take the proper precautions to address this issue.

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