How Does a Ductless Range Hood Work

How Does a Ductless Range Hood Work? [You Need To Know]

Working in the kitchen can be tough. The heat from the stove and the odors can make it an extremely taxing activity. You might wonder, is there even a way to keep your kitchen clean and comfortable to work in? Yes, there is.

If you want to remove strong odors from your kitchen and ensure proper ventilation, you might consider investing in a ductless range hood. Now you might ask, how does a ductless range hood work and how is it useful? This article will serve to illustrate that.

do ductless range hoods work

Purpose of a Hood

The purpose of a ductless range hood is to ensure proper ventilation and recirculation of air in the kitchen. It serves the purpose of an exhaust fan and is also known as a recirculating range hood.

Proper ventilation in a kitchen is important, as a lack of it can lead to various health hazards. Not only will the heat and polluted air make you uncomfortable but also it can lead to breathing difficulties.

It also has filters. These serve to trap dirt and grease, making the kitchen healthier to work in. Harmful air particles are also trapped, like carbon monoxide, which is otherwise very dangerous. 

Dirt, grease, and soot from cooking can cling to kitchen walls and ceiling. All these can ruin the look of your kitchen and be very hard to clean. These hoods help to prevent this from happening, ensuring your kitchen is easier to clean and maintain.

To summarize, the purpose of a ductless range hood is to make your kitchen much healthier to work in. It helps to recirculate air, prevent the kitchen from becoming too hot, and traps dirt & grease, preventing them from collecting on the ceiling and walls.

How a Ductless Hood Functions

Let’s talk about the mechanism of a ductless hood.

Inner Components

A ductless range hood has two important components or parts. The first one is the exhaust or exhausts. These help with the recirculation of air.

The vents or exhausts are located on either the top or the sides of the hood. One of them works to suck in the air from the kitchen and then pass the air to the filter. The other vent or exhaust works to emit the filtered air back into the kitchen. 

ductless hood-Inner Components

Ductless range hoods also have a series of filters that are also essential to their operation. A baffle or fine-mesh filter is used to trap hot air rising from stoves or cooktops. From there, grease and steam are extracted via condensation, purifying the air. 

Activated charcoal filters are also present in these items. They help to cleanse the air further by removing unwanted odors and poisonous chemicals. So, not only does your kitchen smell nice but also your health is safe. However, charcoal filters cannot be cleaned and need to eventually be replaced.


ductless range hood installation

Ductless range hoods do not blow air away into a different location. Instead, they recycle the air back. So, they do not need ducts to operate as the two exhausts or vents on their bodies help to cycle the air in a kitchen.

Since they do not need a duct to operate, they can be installed anywhere, and they will do their job. They can be mounted on walls or even over a kitchen island. So, they are perfect for small kitchens.


To answer the question of how does a ductless range hood work, it works by sucking in air, filtering it, and then sending it back into the kitchen. If you’re on the fence about whether you should get one, it might help you to know that it is very easy to install and provides numerous health benefits.

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