How to calculate the area of ​​an irregularly shaped land?

To offer land for sale or carry out construction work on it, it is important to know its dimensions. While this task is fairly simple to perform for most terrains, in other cases things seem a bit more complex. For an irregularly shaped land, the calculation of the area is done in a particular way. Learn here how to calculate the area of ​​an irregularly shaped land.

Cut the plot into simple figures

Take the different dimensions

For calculate the area of a square or rectangular plot, there are very simple formulas. The procedure is well known to everyone and is done in just a few steps.

On the other hand, for a irregularly shaped terrain, the calculation to know the area seems rather complex. However, you just need to know the right method to do it easily.

If you have an irregularly shaped piece of land that you want to know the area of, start by breaking it down. You just need to cut the plot into several simple geometric figures. Thus, the total surface is reduced to regular shapes which make the calculation much easier.

Take the different dimensions

After cutting the land, the other steps are very simple. You will be able take them dimensions squares or rectangles that come from the large plot. To obtain a good result, it is essential to proceed step by step. The work can be tedious, but it is the best method for the best result. After measuring the different areas, you must add them together to find the area of ​​the large lot.

It is important to specify that this method of calculation will offer a better result on a precise plan and to scale. Doing it directly in the field would be far too complex and risks distorting the result. There is still a method that allows you to have the dimensions of your land and therefore its area. This consists of including the land in question in a rectangle, then calculating its surface. You will then have to calculate the areas that are between the limits of the rectangle and that of the terrain.

How to calculate the area

How to calculate the area

After you’ve broken down your land into rectangles or squares, it’s time to do the math. The next step is to take the length and width and multiply them. This calculation will allow you to know the surface of your land. In order for this calculation to be correct, there are two important conditions that you must meet.

The two units used for the calculation must be the same. It is a question here of the meter and it is also important that the ground has real right angles. To make it simpler, we will speak of 4 equal sides in the case of a square-shaped terrain or equal sides 2 to 2 for a rectangular-shaped terrain. If your plot measures, for example, 145 m in length and 95 m in width, you must multiply 145 by 95. The area of ​​the land will in this case be 13,775 m2.

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