How to choose your recessed box?

Do you want to renovate the electricity in your home? Do you want to add or move an outlet, switch or light? You have the option of using a flush-mounting box. It allows you to securely fix your equipment to your walls and to properly install sockets and switches. To choose it, it is important to follow certain principles. Continue reading this article to find out how to choose your flush-mounted box.

Why contact a specialized company to purchase a flush-mounting box?

If you want to make a successful purchase of your flush-mounting box, it is necessary to contact a specialized company. You can choose the company E-Planatelec. It specializes in the distribution of electrical, energy and home automation equipment.

Using this company allows you to buy a recessed box at the best price. In addition, you will benefit from the advice of its professionals. Delivery is also made in a short time.

What tips for choosing a flush-mounting box?

Also called recessed box, a recessed box is essential to ensure the safety of your electrical installation. You must base yourself on certain criteria in order to choose it.

Consider the nature of the partition

The first important criterion to take into account when choosing your flush-mounting box is the nature of the partition. It should be noted that there is a wide variety of built-in boxes on the market. Indeed, you will have to choose:

  • A recessed socket box for drywall if it is a plasterboard, wood, sheet metal, plywood or honeycomb panel;
  • An electrical flush-mounting box for masonry when it is a partition made of aggregate concrete, terracotta brick or autoclaved aerated concrete;
  • A flush-mounting box for electrical outlet for multi-materials if you have no idea of ​​the nature of the partition or if you have to work on several types of partitions.

Choose the depth of the electrical box carefully

The depth of the electrical box is also a criterion to consider when choosing your flush-mounted box. There are several sizes of flush-mounting box. The most popular are:

  • 40 mm recessed box: it is versatile and ideal for the majority of partition thicknesses.
  • 50 mm recessed box: it is used for a fairly thick partition.

Moreover, if you want to choose a recessed box to be sealed or a classic wall-mounted electrical box, you will have to choose the number of stations. Flush-mounted boxes are available from 1 to 4 stations. At this level, the choice is made according to the elements to be integrated. Among others, these are:

  • switches;
  • Several electrical outlets;
  • socket and switch, etc.

Choose an ideal backbox shape for your installation

There are recessed boxes of different shapes on the market. You can opt for a square-shaped box to install the different cables.

As for the round recessed box, it is versatile and easy to install. You will need a simple hole saw to install it.

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