how to include it in a trendy house?

If you are a decoration enthusiast, you have undoubtedly heard of terracotta. Evoking the land of the south, this color has a real charm. It also has the advantage of bringing warmth to your decor like no other shade. Do you want to incorporate terracotta into your living environment, but don’t know how to go about it? Here are some ideas you can opt for.

Combine terracotta with materials

One of the tricks you can adopt to take advantage of the terracotta in your living environment is to associate it with materials. Contrary to what you think, this shade goes very well with traditional materials.

Moreover, who says terracotta, says ethnic color. So don’t hesitate to use this to your advantage. You can combine it with wooden, rattan, wicker or linen accessories. Caning is also an excellent choice. Revolutionize the charm of your decor by opting for this idea tendency which will allow you to better organize your home.

Paint your wall with this color

terracotta color

To insert the color terracotta in your interior, you can also bet on your wall coverings. In reality, terracotta climbs very easily on walls. Some people choose to use it as paint. Others, on the other hand, prefer to choose a wallpaper presenting this tint.

In the first case as in the other, the impact on your decor is impressive. You benefit from breathtaking warmth and friendliness. So don’t skimp on furnishing your living environment with the terracotta wall look. For best results, however, be careful not to overdo it and decorate your empty wall.

Mix terracotta with other colors

If you want to exploit the terracotta color in your Housemix it with other colors is also a very good idea. Alone, the latter brings charm with your interior. With lighter shades on the other hand, it produces a sublimating result. So choose to use it with other colors.

However, do not opt ​​for just any. There earth baked does not match all shades. The powder pink gives it more depth and intensity. The gray gives it an elegant contemporary touch. Terracotta paired with blue is very soothing. As to shades green, they give it freshness and a vegetal touch. So what are you waiting for to make your choice?

Play with decorative objects that go well with terracotta

Play with decorative objects that go well with terracotta

Arrange the terracotta with objects of delco blending well with this color is another alternative available to you. Indeed, there are many accessories that go wonderfully well with terracotta. Among the latter are terracotta pots. Do not hesitate to decorate your decor with such a combination.

If you wish, you can even plant flowers in the pots. This is sure to give more naturalness to your interior. Apart from that, be aware that furniture, bed and lingerie accessories are also excellent levers for integrating the terracotta color into your living environment. So don’t skimp on choosing cushions or curtains with this shade.

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