How to install a placo ceiling with hangers?

placo ceiling installation is very popular because it has many advantages. In addition to beautifying the space, this solution provides good thermal and sound insulation. You can also use it to install modern spotlights and even hide any electrical cables. The installation of a placo ceiling with hangers is rather simple, but must follow a few steps. We’ll explaine everything here.

Take measures

The main step for plasterboard ceiling installation is to correctly take all the measures. This is actually what allows you to have a quality end result. You must therefore be organized and proceed methodically so as not to make mistakes when noting the dimensions.

Draw boundaries on the ceiling and walls

To begin, measure the total area you will need to cover with the placo ceiling. Then make a drawing of the plan, taking into account the scale of the ceiling. At this level, it is necessary to plan at the same time the location of the various equipment of the structure and the lighting.

Thanks to this plan, you will be able to determine your placo needs, as well as the various hanging accessories required. Above all, you must provide a 10% margin to avoid errors.

Draw boundaries on the ceiling and walls

For this step you will need a large ruler and a spirit level. Then draw on the walls, a horizontal line that will allow you to know the height of the ceiling. The line is thus used to know the position of the angles. Now measure just below this line, 13 mm then draw a horizontal line. The latter is the one that indicates the good height for the plasterboards. Measure another 13 mm above this line to determine the position of the angles.

Fix the lines then the angles

Those are the lines which allow the fixing of the placo to the ceiling. They simply act as a connection point between the plate and the ceiling. It is usually a metal accessory. The hanger has an end cap that clips easily onto the rails. Depending on your needs or preferences, you can adjust the height.

However, you should know that there must be at least a distance of 2 cm between the base ceiling and the new structure to be installed. Before positioning the lines, you must adjust the height and above all use the appropriate tools to fix them. The angles receive the edge of the plates and are fixed throughout the room, along the walls.

The assembly of rails and placo plates

The assembly of rails and placo plates

THE tracks represent the very structure on which the placo must rest. Generally the tracks are 3 meters in length and it will be necessary to cut them with a hacksaw if the ceilings are not so long. On the other hand, to have a greater range by connecting two rails, you must use connecting fishplates.

Once you have the perfect rail measurements, all you have to do is clip them onto the edges of the lines. It is after that that you can move on to mounting the placo plates. Before attaching the plates, you must first drill them using circular saw to facilitate the use of spotlights and wires. Cut the plates in the right dimensions and fix them with an electric screwdriver.

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