How to install skirting boards on an uneven wall?

Most often placed at the bottom of the walls to hide the junction with the floor, skirting boards are real decorative accessories. Do you want to change them to restore charm to your interior? Know that you should not go there blindly. There are many steps you need to follow. Discover them.

Clean the bottom of the wall

The first attitude you must adopt before lay skirting boards on an uneven wall is to clean the location intended to receive them. Usually this is the bottom of the wall. Start by cleaning it up. If you see nails left by the old baseboards, do not hesitate to remove them. It is also recommended to scrape the surface to remove glue deposits and old paint.

Take some action

Take some action

Then you need to take a few steps. These are essential for a successful pose. So make sure you do it right.

Typically, you should measure the floor perimeter of the room. You can repeat the operation once or twice.

This allows you to get the most accurate dimensions possible. If you get a decimal value, round up. At the salient angles, be sure to always count a little more. This way you will have a margin during installation.

Get the baseboards

The next step is to get the baseboards and moldings. These must be of high quality and correspond to the measurements you have taken. Otherwise, you are not likely to enjoy it for long. It is most often advised never to take the exact amount. There are always errors and losses when cutting. So don’t forget to take 2 or 3 more.

Trace and make the cuts

Now is the time to draw and make the cuts. In order not to compromise the proper execution of your project, you must go about it strategically. Start by identifying the lowest areas of your wall. At these levels, it will be necessary to plate a small piece of blade.

As for the upper parts, you must mark them in order to know at what level you will have to stop. Then measure and cut the baseboards so that they adapt optimally to the wall. You can use an electric miter saw or a manual saw.



THE baseboards being ready, all you have to do is attach them. To do this, know that several alternatives are available to you. Among the latter is the application of glue. It is ideal for fix baseboards on the wall. However, you can also opt for the use of finishing nails.

You just have to identify the parts of your upright where to put them so that they hold. Using a hammer or gun, drive them in properly. Don’t forget to fill the holes with wood putty or filler and sand the surface.

Do the finishing touches

Finally, install the foot and top moldings. To achieve this, you can use seeds. They are parallel to the floor and go into the baseboards. Once again, polish the surface of the baseboards. Fill the scratches with filler and let dry. Then sand with fine sandpaper. Lay the masking tape on the wall above and below the baseboard. All that remains is to apply a coat of paint or varnish and you’ll be done.

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