How to make a declaration of completion of work? What document to provide?

The declaration of completion of work is a document which makes it possible to prove that the work has been carried out in accordance with the declaration. Whether it is a construction or a development, this declaration is a mandatory document. This especially without when a prior declaration of work or a building permit has been issued. What are the steps to make a declaration of completion of work and what documents to provide?

Who is responsible for completing the declaration of completion of work?

The signing of the declaration of completion belongs to the project manager. The latter is the same one who took care of the filing of the files that allowed the start of the activities. In general, it can be the owner, the project manager or even the architect hired for the site. If you have carried out the work several times, ie separately for each part, each of the different projects must have its own declaration.

complete the declaration of completion of work

It will be necessary to mention for each certificate, the details concerning all that has been done on the site. Thus, the surface treated, the contact details of the owner and the client, among others, must be noted.

To obtain the document to be completed, you must contact the urban planning department from your town hall. The document is also available on line and you can download it directly from the government website.

There is a deadline for submitting the declaration of completion to the town hall and it must be respected. You must make the declaration within 90 days from the date of completion of the work.

How to complete your declaration of completion of work?

If the work you have started has just been completed, you have 3 months to send your declaration. Filling out the form is quite simple and takes just a few steps. To start, you must download the form in 3 copies then proceed to fill it. Once the contracting authority or the person in charge of the works has completed the document, the documents must be added as appropriate.

The completed and signed document must then be submitted to the Town Hall with an acknowledgment of receipt. When you create, for example, a floor area of ​​more than 50 m2, you must add another certificate to the request. The latter simply has the role of proving that you have complied with the thermic regulation. For this certificate, it must be completed by a qualified professional.

What are the deadlines for your declaration of completion of work to be contested

What are the deadlines for your declaration of completion of work to be contested

As provided by the texts, the town hall has a period of 3 months for the control of the work. If during this verification, the agents discover that there are breaches of the standards imposed or an anomaly, they can send you a formal notice. You must then make all the requested changes.

In the event that a modification is not possible, the town hall will then request that the building be demolished. During the 3-month period, if the town hall does not send you a decision, you can request a certificate which proves that the work has not been disputed. You can get it after 3 days after submitting the request.

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