How to set the price of a building plot?

To set the price of a building plot, many criteria are taken into account. They are all equally important and should not be overlooked. This is actually what explains why the prices are different from one site to another. Wondering how to set the price of land on which it is possible to build? We’ll explaine everything here.

The region

For set the price of building land, the region in which it is located is important. It can actually have a direct influence on the amount that can be requested for one m2. It is easy to notice that in big cities, there is less and less building land available. Which unsurprisingly leads to a significant price increase.

In mainland France, the price per m2 is around €86, while it can go up to €124 in other regions. Île-de-France is ranked as the region where the price that can be set per m2 is the most expensive. On average, the square meter costs 251 euros.



There servicing is one of the few criteria that are taken into account when setting the price of building land.

Thus, a serviced land can be sold at a higher price than another that has not been. Indeed, a serviced land is quite simply a land that has already benefited from network connection works electricity, water, gas, etc. This is an important advantage which justifies the price per m2 which can be high.

It therefore offers more facilities and a buyer can settle there quite easily.

The nature of the soil

To construct a building on a certain piece of land, it must have good quality soil. It is in this sense that the nature of the soil is one of the points which make it possible to fix the price of building land. If the soil of your land is clay, for example, large-scale work may be necessary to carry out a construction project. This preliminary work has a cost which will be felt on the purchase price of the building land. The quality of the soil therefore makes it possible to sell building land at a good price or not.

The condition and shape of the land

The condition and shape of the land

It is possible to offer for sale completely virgin land and land with buildings. The latter may be to be destroyed or even to be redeveloped. Depending on whether the land is virgin or not, the fixed price will be different. If the building on the land requires additional work, the purchaser will expect to see the price reduced. The shape of the land is also added to the criteria that will vary the price set for a building plot.

When the latter has a standard shape, i.e. square or rectangular, it will sell for a much better price. Likewise, it will be necessary to consider the typology of the land that weighs in the balance. The amount set for the sale of flat land is higher than that of sloping land.

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