In which cases to install a fake lawn at home?

Many people would like to have a beautiful lawn at home. Nevertheless for that, a choice is offered to these people. The one between natural grass or fake grass. Many choose fake lawns. The choice of this one is often made according to several cases. Here are a few.

When you want to save more

THE fake grass turns out to be more economical than the real one. First of all, the installation of a real lawn requires the intervention of a professional unlike the fake grass that you can install yourself very quickly and without spending money on your garden.

A natural lawn requires a lot of maintenance and a watering very common. It therefore needs a significant investment if in addition your lawn is large enough. Fake grass, on the other hand, does not require as much special maintenance.

When you can’t maintain a real lawn

When you can't maintain a real lawn

A artificial turf only requires cleaning every month to maintain its cleanliness. It comes in handy when you have trouble caring for real grass. Maintaining a fake lawn will save you much more time.

For a natural grass, it can deteriorate very quickly. This happens when you don’t water it enough or don’t provide it with the necessary fertilizers. This problem cannot arise at the level of a false lawn.

If you can’t lay natural grass

Several reasons such as lack of know-how can prevent you from laying natural grass. Laying an artificial grass simply requires a given number of rolls of fake grass for its placement. This number will depend on the space you want to cover.

Then you just need to put square brackets in the floor in order to maintain them by having previously prepared the ground. So you don’t need to be a DIY expert before doing it. It is much less difficult than laying real grass.

When you want to be green

When you want to be green

You have surely understood it, the fake lawn makes it possible to reduce the water consumption. It is very ecological. It does not have roots, because it contains materials such as plastic, therefore not requiring the use of any Chemical fertilizer.

It should be noted that chemical fertilizers greatly contribute to the pollution of the environment and more specifically the ground. Opting for synthetic grass instead of natural grass allows you to participate in the preservation of your environment. Ideal for your outdoor landscaping!

You want to have a resistant lawn

Fake lawns are very well known for their durability. They are designed to withstand any kind of climate variation. Being plastic, they cannot rot as is often the case with natural grass. Fake lawns therefore offer you the possibility of having a green and clean lawn for several years.

Many cases can therefore lead you to choose a fake lawn. This is a very good substitute for natural grass and has many advantages.

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