is concrete an ally?

Concrete is one of the most used materials in construction. Whether erecting a wall or attaching a stand, it is suitable for almost any purpose. Some people even use it as thermal insulation. According to them, the performance of this material is simply impressive. Are you wondering if concrete is really an ally in thermal insulation? Find out.

Concrete: presentation and characteristics

Having entered the market several years ago, concrete is a material of construction which stands out from all the others. Indeed, it results from a mixture of several natural materials. These include water, sand, cement and lime. It is therefore not surprising that it is both strong and resistant.

Be aware, however, that these are not its only characteristics. Concrete also shows very good aeration. This is due to the fact that it contains an expanding agent: aluminum powder. Use this material during your works can only be to your advantage. As a rule, it comes in the form of blocks, tiles or panels of 5 to 30 m and is very easy to install.

Can concrete be used for thermal insulation purposes?

Use concrete for thermal insulation purposes

If concrete is commonly used in structural work, its use for insulation purposes thermal is not yet unanimous. Many owners use it to improve the airtightness of their building and protect themselves from cold drafts.

Others, however, are still skeptical about using it for these purposes. Remember that concrete is indeed a thermal insulator. Its incompressibility and quasi-impermeability make it ideal for regulating losses thermal of your accommodation.

According to recent studies, it is twice as insulating as an alveolar brick and eight times more than a breeze block. Use concrete to isolate his walls interiors and exteriors is quite possible. It is even recommended.

What are the benefits of insulating your home with concrete?

You still have some reluctance to choose concrete for theinsulation heat of your old house? You wonder what sets it apart from the rest materials ? Know that it offers many more advantages than the drink or the wool. In contrast to these, concrete cellular is very effective from a thermal insulation point of view.

the advantages of insulating your house with concrete

In fact, it presents a thickness impressive. The latter can go up to 40 cm. This is not possible with conventional solutions. If you want to benefit from optimal energy performance, do not hesitate to opt for this material.

With concrete, you are also entitled to very good breathing. It is designed to promote ventilation. So don’t think that you will only be entitled to a dream warm-up. During a heat wave, the latter could also be of great help to you.

In addition, it is very easy to install. Just seal it and you’re done. You will benefit from very good thermal insulation over a very long period of time. You have no doubt understood this. Whether it’s performance, durability or ease of installation, concrete is the ally you should choose for the insulation of your House.

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