Laminate flooring: what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of material?

Laminate floors are one of the types of coating of floor the most demanded on the market. They are mainly composed of fiber drink. Many are those who are moving towards this type of floor given the many advantages it has. Here are some pros and cons of laminate flooring.

Advantages of laminate floors

Laminate floors have many advantages.

Easy to install

Unlike other floors that require many tools for their installation, laminate planks are very simple to install like the floor floating. It is possible to install them yourself by respecting all the same certain rules. You don’t even need to wait for an exposure time. Your installation piece is immediately ready for use after installation.


There are a multitude of types of wood marketed for laminate flooring. The same goes for colors, styles and finishes. This gives you endless possibilities to enhance your room with a beautiful floor. You can let your imagination run wild.

Laminate floors

Easy to maintain

Laminate floors are rather simple to maintain and do not require any complex tools. You just need to use, for example, a damp mop without adding any product. So you can forget about time-consuming washes that require bleach or any other product. It is also quite resistant to stains.

Wear resistance

With a floor laminate, the risk of rapid wear is reduced. Its rather reinforced composite floor is approximately 10 to 30 times more resistant to wear than ordinary floors.


The size of the floors generates a certain stability. It is moreover this size which makes the difference of the wooden floor laminate. It is suitable for rooms with a floor heating system.

The price

Laminate floors are not very expensive unlike parquet massive. They are also known for their good quality-price which is very attractive.

Disadvantages of laminate floors

Apart from its various advantages, they still have some disadvantages that should not be overlooked.

Disadvantages of laminate floors

Fairly poor sound insulation

One of the biggest flaws of laminate floors is their rather loud resonance. This is due to materials who compose them. Obviously, an underlay dampens footsteps to a minimum so as not to disturb downstairs neighbours, for example. However, it does not spare you other noises such as impact noises.


You should know that when blisters appear on your package due to poor temperature management, for example, it’s time to change your entire floor. The thinning of the wear layer can also cause the replacement of your floor.

To conclude, laminate floors with their many advantages guarantee a good number of things that can be in line with your needs. They give charm to the place in which you put them. However, they have some drawbacks that are important to consider.

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