Pellet heating: how does it work?

There are many forms of heating today. Among these, pellet systems are increasingly preferred. So how does pellet heating work? What are the advantages of wood pellets over other forms of heating? We tell you everything here.

What is pellet heating and how does it work?

Pellets or wood pellets are a fuel made from sawdust. They come in the form of small rods compressed at very high pressure. The operation of the Pellet heating is very simple. The appliance (boiler or stove) is powered by pellets. When the pellets are introduced into a combustion chamber, they burn to produce heat in your home.

To produce domestic hot water with this system, you can connect a water tank to it. A pellet tank, also called a storage silo, serves as a source of supply. You must install it near your boiler and fill it regularly.

You can buy pellets online on specialized trade platforms. Professionals offer you High quality, certified wood pellets. The pellets offered meet Din+ or En+ standards. Ordering your pellets online is opting for a fast, simple and reliable solution. You can choose to pay on delivery. With a specialized site, you can be delivered within 3 days, regardless of your location in the territory. The pellets are delivered in bags, in bulk or on pallets. It’s up to you to choose what suits you the most.

pellet heating

The advantages of pellet heating in your home

Compared to other forms of heating, wood pellets have many advantages. They are above all a very economical solution. Heating with pellets allows you to reduce your energy bills by up to 50%. In addition, wood energy is the cheapest fuel on the market. Pellets release heat very quickly. They are therefore the ideal solution for your needs.

Pellet heating also gives you thermal comfort all year round. Wood pellets are very efficient and produce even and gentle heat in your home. The efficiency of a pellet heater is between 80% and 100%. You are then guaranteedbe warm all winter with this type of device.

Another advantage of pellet heating is its low impact on the environment. Unlike other forms of heating such as an oil boiler which runs on fossil fuels, a pellet appliance uses natural fuel. It therefore emits very few fine particles and thus respects the environment. Opting for this type of device means contributing to the fight against global warming.

Apart from all these advantages, installing a pellet boiler gives character to your home. Your house will therefore have more value on the real estate market.

Cost of installing and using your system

The price of a pellet boiler varies according to its performance and characteristics. The price of a stove can vary between approximately 900 euros including tax and 8,000 euros including tax. The installation cost can vary from 650 euros including tax to 4,000 euros including tax. But there are different types of pellet stoves and the prices vary according to each model.

For example, for a convection pellet stove, you can plan between 1,200 and 3,500 euros including tax for its purchase. The price of its installation varies between 650 euros including tax and 2,200 euros including tax. But for a ventilated pellet stove, the average price is around 2,500 euros including tax. On the other hand, a more sophisticated stove will cost you more. If you opt for a ducted hot air pellet stove, you should plan on average 4,000 euros.

How to maintain your pellet heating system?

The maintenance of a pellet heating system should be done once a year. This will involve checking the installations used to regulate and distribute thermal energy. If necessary, you should clean them and adjust their setting. It is also important to check the tightness and connection of the exhaust duct. Check the condition of the seals and clean the fan, if the system is vented.

You should regularly empty the ash box of your wood pellet stove. You should also remove the soot from the glass and clean it. You can also use an ash vacuum to clean the walls of your stove. But for optimal maintenance and according to the rules of the art, we advise you to call a professional. He will be able to use the appropriate techniques and products for perfect maintenance of your heating system.

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