Pipes damaged due to frost: what to do?

Freezing pipes are a fairly recurrent problem during the winter season. This requires immediate care to avoid aggravation and limit the damage. If there are several emergency solutions, the intervention of a professional is still the best option. What should you do in case of damaged pipes due to freezing?

Frozen pipes: what are the causes?

It is possible, during periods of extreme cold, that the water circulating in the pipes freezes. This leads immediately a water cut and sometimes even an explosion. Indeed, the water blocked in the conduits can create a strong pressure and subsequently a break, a crack or a rupture of the pipes.

From there, a leak or water damage is inevitable and it is necessary to call a plumber for repairs. It should be noted that any type of pipe, whether metal or PVC, can be subject to freezing. Usually, the pipes concerned are those located near the exterior walls and those located in the garden or in the garage.

You have the option of defrosting your pipes yourself, but it is strongly recommended that you use the services ofa plumber. The latter guarantees you quality work, and this, at a very reasonable price.

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Individuals have appealed to a plumber in lagarde to check the condition of their pipes after a period of extreme cold.

What to do in case of frozen pipes?

The best solution to remove the frost from the pipes is to wait for the return of a milder climate. However, this can take a very long time hence the need to consider faster measures. Here are some steps to follow to make it easier thawing of pipes.

Shut off the main water supply

In the event of freezing of the pipes, start by turning off your taps, as well as the general supply to avoid water leaks. This also limits the risks of explosion and flooding during the thaw. In general, the shut-off valve of a dwelling is located near the water meter, in the garage or under the kitchen sink.

Identify the frozen or damaged part

It is important in the context of a freezing of pipes to identify the places concerned and to examine the pipes to detect a possible explosion. While frost is noticeable to the naked eye in most cases, it may also not be visible. It is therefore advisable to pass the hand throughout pipes to detect its presence. The frozen part is simply the one that is much colder than the others.

Safeguard your belongings

Don’t forget to put objects and furniture nearby frozen pipes sheltered. If some objects are heavy and difficult to move, use suitable blankets to protect them if an explosion occurs.

Defrost the pipes

Once all the precautions have been taken, you can safely thaw your pipes. This can be done with a hair dryer or with a cloth soaked in hot water that you spread over the pipe. These methods are effective in dissolving ice gradually. During this operation, turn on the nearest tap of the frozen pipe so that the water flows when it thaws.

Attention ! Never use a blowtorch to try to thaw a pipe wall. This can not only damage your pipes, but also cause a fire. Even though the previously mentioned methods may seem slow, you need to be patient and avoid any risks.

Restore the water circuit

Now that the pipes are fully thawed out, make sure there are no damages or leaking issues. If all is well, you can open the general water supply tap. Also open one of the taps in your home and let the water come out until the flow returns to normal. If you suspect any damage, contact directly a plumber professional. Above all, do not open the general tap before his arrival.

Pipes damaged by frost: call a professional

If you have frost-damaged pipes, it’s best to call in a professional to fix the problem. Benefiting from the required know-how and qualifications, the plumber is the craftsman you need. He will be able to estimate the extent of the damage and intervene effectively to refurbish your pipes.

In the field, he will first carry out a diagnosis of the various installations in order to identify the pipes damaged due to freezing. He will then repair or replace the damaged pipe, taking care to avoid water damage.

Moreover, a plumber carries out its work in accordance with the European standards in force. An installation that complies with regulatory requirements allows you to easily obtain compensation from your insurance for major problems.

Hiring an artisan plumber also has economic advantages. Thanks to his experience and his technicality, this professional greatly limits the risk of water damage, the costs of which can be substantial. The intervention ofa plumber therefore constitutes a guarantee of quality and safety.

That’s not all, some plumbers are available 24 hours a day to intervene in an emergency. This responsiveness avoids the aggravation of certain situations and allows you to benefit from optimal comfort followinga plumbing problem.

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How to avoid frozen pipes?

To prevent the pipes from freezing, it is important that they are perfectly insulated from the cold and drafts. Indeed, problems can appear from 5°. So remember to properly insulate your main water supply, but also the pipes in the crawl space and any other poorly insulated place. There are several methods to achieve this:

  • Use rock wool or glass wool : just cover the pipes with the insulation to protect them. You also have the possibility of installing an insulating formwork for more efficiency, but also to protect the chosen wool.
  • Use an antifreeze heating cable : this is a thermoplastic electrical cable to be laid on the pipe. It is equipped with a thermostat which turns on the heating when the temperature is below 5°.
  • Use insulation sleeves : like rock or glass wool, this insulation wraps around the pipes. It can be made of rubber or polyethylene. It is also available in several diameters and lengths. It is particularly indicated for damp places.

Also, make sure that all rooms in your home are ideally heated. Remember that the lowest temperatures are recorded in the middle of the night or in the morning. It is therefore advisable to heat all the rooms in your home, including those you rarely use. Even minimal heating can make a difference.

The measures to be taken in the event of absence

If you plan to be away from your accommodation for a few days or weeks, you must take certain precautions against the extreme cold. Optimal insulation and heating setting in frost protection mode are probably the best solution.

If these measures cannot be taken, then it is preferable to cut off the water supply and drain the installation. It is also possible that the general shut-off valve is damaged and that you are unable to completely shut off the water. In this case, call a plumber so that he can advise you properly.

As you will have understood, frozen pipes are a problem that must be resolved as soon as possible, at the risk of causing significant damage. To carry out this mission, it is recommended to call upon a professional plumber to avoid any risk and benefit from a quality service.

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