Renovate an ugly exterior wall

The exterior wall of a house over time and with the weather deteriorates and loses its aesthetics. To give it a new life, it is necessary to carry out renovation work to dress the fence. They are made using rather special coatings. Here’s how to renovate an ugly exterior wall with trim materials.

Use the wood to cover the wall

The first material to use for dress up a damaged wall is the wood. It is an accessory that easily matches the decor of your home. In addition, it brings a little more style to the whole house because of its natural character. There is a wide variety of wood to dress the exterior wall of your home. The choice of the category of materials for carrying out the works of renovation it’s up to you especially when it comes to transforming a garage into a home. You can turn first to the red cedar.

Use the wood to cover the wall

This is a wood that is renowned for its aesthetic side bringing a shine to the wall. It also has a large resistance despite its exposure to various climatic hazards.

Another of its assets is that it does not really require permanent cleaning. If you don’t opt ​​for this wood, you can choose one that has been treated and sterilized.

It resists both the sun’s rays and the drops of water from the rain. However, it must be cleaned regularly so that it does not deteriorate. THE exotic wood meanwhile, it is not recommended for dressing an exterior wall.

Cover the wall with plants

The use of plants to cover a ugly wall presents itself as an effective tip. This accessory provides decorative touch which is wonderful. However, they should not be overused, as they can quickly give a bushy appearance to the house. It is for this reason that it is necessary to make a good number of analyzes before using this process. The first is to determine the wall area who will benefit from the renovation. Then, it will be necessary to choose the plants that will allow dressing but you will have to do a facelift before to ensure the tightness of your wall.

Cover the wall with plants

Apart from the beauty of the plants, it is important to take into account their capacity for development.

If the plants are not growing well in your area, the result cannot be seen. They must be able to grow fast enough to cover the wall well. It is for this reason that it is recommended to use plants qualified as climbing. Ivy and vines are the most suitable species to obtain satisfactory results.

As soon as these plants are established, a regular maintenance imposes itself. Otherwise, they will die leaving the wall as it was.

Dress the wall with plaster

Plaster is a material that can effectively ensure dressing an ugly wall. It allows to give a second life to the surface which is damaged especially in the case of an old house. The coating can be applied in a modern or purely traditional way. The first application is done in a single layer which is put on the wall. The peculiarity of this technique is that it does not take much time.

With regard to the second method, three steps occur before the results. It is a question of preparing the wall, smoothing it ideally and finishing by decorating it. The pose of thecoated can be done manually or using a specialized machine.

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