Some tips for setting up a small garden

The garden is a space that allows you to relax during the summer. It is also a perfect place to receive your guests. For this reason, it is important to arrange it properly. But how should it be done?

Discover in this article the different tips that can help you set up a small garden.

Carry out the landscaping of the borders

Through the use of borders, you will be able to delimit several areas. This trick also allows you to achieve a garden that is both contemporary and minimalist.

To arrange each part, you have the possibility of choosing simple figures which can be carried out without seeking outside help. Subsequently, you will have to assign a function to all the parts resulting from the delimitation.

Note that elements such as low borders, slates and wooden logs are perfect for landscaping your garden.

If you do not have the possibility of arranging the borders on your own, then it is possible to solicit the services of a professional gardener or a landscaper as shown Note that this professional has the necessary knowledge to guide you towards natural and decorative materials. Thus, pebbles or driftwood can allow you to arrange your small garden.

Painting an exterior wall

Always with the aim of arranging your garden, you have the possibility of painting your exterior wall. You can also use planters to add a special touch to your outdoor space.

Regarding the operation of painting the exterior wall, it should be noted that it takes place in several stages:

  • Clear the wall of all dirt. To do this, it is enough to clean or strip it. You can also repair the wall using exterior plaster.

After cleaning, do not forget to use tarpaulins to protect the various elements that are located near the wall to be painted.

  • The second step is to lay an undercoat using a roller or a paint gun.
  • Finally, it should be noted that the last step is carried out after the undercoat has dried. Thus, you can apply the special paint intended for your exterior wall. For this operation, it is possible to use scaffolding.

Plant shrubs

Using several shrubs placed around the periphery of the garden is the best trick to erect the boundaries of your garden. Note that these plants can also help you organize your space. It should also be noted that all these shrubs enhance the landscape. For this reason, you can put them in a corner where the view is perfect.

Remember also that the arrangement of shrubs must be done in a specific order. Thus, plants with tall stems should stay behind. Bushy plants should be in the center. As for low covering plants, you can put them in front.

To arrange all these plants properly, it is possible to call on the know-how of a gardener.

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