The keys to a perfect terrace layout in Rennes

With the arrival of sunny days, you will finally be able to spend time outdoors and enjoy convivial moments with your loved ones. For this, you will still have to properly lay out your garden or terrace so that they are both pleasant and comfortable. Designing such a space requires preparation. In this article, we give you the keys that will allow you to think about the layout of your terrace like an expert.

Think carefully about the landscaping plan of the terrace

Before embarking on the development of your terrace, you must take the time to think of a practical and functional layout plan. The terrace is an extension of your interior which must be able to offer a pleasant and comfortable space to those who settle there.

Traffic on the terrace must be fluid, with suitable and proportionate furniture. For more practicality, you can install the dining area near the indoor kitchen. If the configuration of the terrace does not allow you to be close to the kitchen which is inside, you can consider a summer kitchen.

You can also set up a relaxation area on your terrace if it has a large area. This type of corner is practical for relaxing while having an aperitif.

It is also important to take into account privacy and vis-à-vis to feel good during summer evenings. You can install a fence at Rennes to preserve the privacy of your space and avoid the prying eyes of neighbors. Rigid aluminum or wood strip panels are excellent choices for creating an effective visual barrier.

Take into account the orientation of the terrace to be built

The orientation of your terrace is also an element to take into account. To take full advantage of this space, choose a location accessible to the sun and not exposed to drafts. In the latter case, it suffices to add vegetation to reduce the force of the winds.

The north face of the house is to be avoided, as it generally does not benefit from sufficient sunshine to allow the terrace to be enjoyed as it should be. The south-west, south and south-east orientations are to be preferred, they offer you small corners to take meals outside.

While it is good to look for a sunny location, it is not recommended to expose yourself to its rays excessively. To keep yourself safe from intense and excessive radiation, you should consider a cover for your patio. For example, there are bioclimatic pergolas that can adapt to the intensity of the sun.

Find out about the rules in force

Before building an outdoor terrace, find out about the rules in force in your municipality, subdivision or condominium. Work on the exterior facade or the construction of a covered terrace often requires a declaration of work or a building permit.

When the surface is between 5 and 20 m², it will be necessary to make a declaration of work. When it exceeds 20 m², you will need to obtain a building permit to carry out the work. Find out in advance to avoid any conflict with the competent authorities.

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