The stages of this renovation

The attic is a very little used room in the house and where disorder generally reigns. A development of this place is essential to make the most of the space therein. However, carrying out this task requires specific provisions. This is what will allow the smooth running of operations. Here are the steps necessary to develop the attic which is a step in the renovation of your home.

Completion of administrative requests

The first step for attic conversion of a house is to meet the procedures administrative. If you have no idea of ​​the demands required, you can go to the city ​​hall. The department responsible for urban planning will give you all the information you need to be in order. Generally, the declaration of renovation work is not a compulsory act.

It is only when the total space of the room does not exceed 150 square meters. In the absence of this declaration, the development of the attic should not take place. Even to raise this room, a building permit must be obtained from the town hall. If you are in a condominium, it is important to inform them before the start of the work. This approach is just as important as that at the town hall, because it will facilitate cohabitation.

Creating space in the room

Creating space in the room

After obtaining the authorizations from the town hall, you can start the renovation. To start the work, you must create space in the attic targeted by the planning.

It consists of clearing the room of everything that is present. You can do it yourself or call a company to do the job.

The latter is necessary because it will allow to have an overall view of the room. This phase intervenes to have an appreciation of the inventory. When the room is cleared, specific ideas about the work to be done are established.

Roof improvement

When fitting out the attic of your home, it is also necessary to carry out work on the level of the roof. The latter is important to protect the room from the weather and allow its use. Thus, it is necessary to take stock of its condition and plan repairs if possible. To ensure the inspection of the roof, the intervention of a professional in the field is required, in particular for the waterproofing of your roof.

It is he who will check the state of wear of the material that makes up the roof and say if it needs to be changed. A big intervention may be appropriate for restore the roof can be done. Insofar as the whole must be rebuilt, the realization of the plan falls to him. It will still be necessary to prepare a budget substantial enough to finish with this phase of the renovation.

Restoration of walls and floor

Restoration of walls and floor

Attic conversion goes through the restoration of the walls and the floor. This is an important step that will allow this room to be habitable. To do this, you have to make sure that the walls are still in shape And waterproof. Then, you will have to dress them with the material of your choice after placing the insulation.

With regard to the ground, the ancients coatings will probably be worn out. The intervention of a mason must take place to redo its structure and put it in good condition. It is recommended to give preference to coating materials that are not heavy. The work will thus be able to take place in good conditions.

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