This year, it’s decided, you are renovating your heating system!

After a certain period of use, changing the heating device becomes a necessity to benefit from a better temperature inside the house. Given the high cost of its installation, many people are delaying this project despite the warning signs. When should you change your heating system and what budget should you plan?

How to assess the need for a new heating system?

The need to change your heating system becomes apparent as soon as certain indicators appear.

Usage time

In general, after 15 years of use, the devices of heating lose their efficiency, even when they are well maintained. At this time, the system may show signs of failure when turned on. The device may also become a bit noisier than before. This forfeiture is linked to the obsolescence of the constituent elements. If your current heating system is more than 15 years old, it may be time for you to change it. Do not wait for an irreparable failure to occur before doing a new installation. Real advances have been made in this sector in recent years to allow you to benefit from a more efficient device.

The drop in diet

As soon as the heating works less and less well, consider replacing it. The problem may be due to a simple breakdown, but it becomes worrying when all the repairer’s interventions do not resolve it. In this case, the device is certainly old or has been operating at overspeed for a long time. The consequences are felt directly on the electricity bills, the amounts of which are higher. However, before replacing the device, first assess the condition of your insulation to make sure that the problem is not there.

The repeated breakdowns

A functional heating device in good condition does not need the intervention of a repairman every month. Apart from the maintenance visits which are mandatory, households do not have to spend a large sum in the repair of this equipment. If you are in such a situation, it may be time to contact a professional in the field. After a diagnosis, you will know whether or not to change your heating system.

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The benefits of adopting a more efficient heating system

Manufacturers of heaters are coming up with newer, more interesting devices with a wide variety of options.

Choose an ecological solution

For reasons of deterioration or badly carried out maintenance, the old heaters expose users to carbon monoxide poisoning. However, the new models on sale emit very little CO2. The air supplied is dry, breathable and free of chemical elements. At the end of use, some radiators are fully recyclable to be used in the manufacture of other devices or gadgets.

Save on your electricity bills

Choose from the new heating solutions to significantly reduce your electrical energy consumption. Indeed, for the same efficiency and more, new devices such as heat pumps consume very little electricity. The energy used comes mainly from the ground, air or water depending on the type of heat pump in question. It is estimated that these devices can save around 60% on the annual electricity bill dedicated to heating.

In addition, in order to relieve you, assistance for the purchase of a heat pump are granted by the State if you go through energy renovation professionals approved. Several organizations offer subsidies to purchasers of heat pumps. The amount is defined according to the applicant’s profile. You can apply for it online on specialized sites. The procedure to follow as well as the documents to be provided are indicated there.

Enjoy a modern design and various options

The “latest generation” heat pumps have a modern design that suits all styles of decoration. Their presence adds an original touch to your home. Of very varied shapes, they are aesthetic and take up little space. If you opt for a connected model, you have the option of activating the features remotely. The new integrated intelligent controls make it possible to control the ambient temperature and to check the level of electricity consumption. With the help of the manual given when purchasing the device, anyone can easily use a heat pump.

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What parameters should be considered when choosing a heating system?

Whether it’s for a change or for the installation of a heating system in a new house, here are some tips that will be useful to you.

Assess housing needs

The heating system replacement project can be difficult to implement when the preliminary analyzes are poorly done. A heat pump installation or another heating system is done according to the real needs of the house. You must therefore define the characteristics of the accommodation. This consists of estimating the number of rooms, the total area to be heated, the number of people living in the house. To adjust certain parameters, the professional must also assess the frequency with which you use the heating in the home. The various information collected will be used to establish a thermal balance of the dwelling.

Assess the condition of the insulation

The quality of your home’s insulation influences the type ofheater you need to install. If your home is poorly insulated, you risk spending a lot of money on electricity bills. In this case, the heating system must be not only efficient, but also very energy efficient. Such an installation requires a high budget. To avoid all these expenses, you can first reinforce the insulation before proceeding with the installation of a new heating system. This will allow you to save on electricity bills and in the installation project of the device.

Analyze the performance of each type of device

Heating devices differ in cost, performance, design and many other parameters. To make your purchase, you will need the help of a professional. The product purchased must be in line with the state of the insulation, the heat balance of the house and the budget provided for this work. In the case of a heat pumpyou will have the choice among the models:

  • air/air,
  • air/water,
  • soil/water,
  • ground/ground.

THE Air-water heat pumps are the most widely used currently in France. In addition to heating the air, they also produce hot water in the sanitary appliances of the house.

How do you keep your heating system in good working order?

A well maintained heat pump can last 15 to 20 years. Cleaning is done at least once a year depending on your availability. The interview is done in two stages. There is the first phase which consists of cleaning the outdoor unit and the indoor units. The outdoor unit does not require major work. All you have to do is remove the obstacles that block the air circulation as well as the dust present in the device. Then you can wipe the visible parts with a rag. As for cleaning the indoor units, you will need to disassemble the block to remove the air filter.

It is the main constituent to be cleaned. You can dust it with a vacuum cleaner set to minimum power. Then wash it with soapy water. Take advantage of the drying time to wipe down the entire block. The second stage of the maintenance consists in checking the tightness and the refrigerant to certify the good heater operation. To ensure the efficiency of the work, it is better to entrust this task to a professional in the field. He will also make an assessment of the general state of the device. This is a provision to be made to avoid repeated breakdowns of the device. Ideally, favor craftsmen close to your place of residence.

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