What are the signs of a full septic tank? How to drain?

Wondering if your septic tank is already full? This is an important question that allows you to make arrangements and get the oil changed on time. Determining the level can sometimes seem complex, especially when you don’t have the right information. Fortunately, there are a few signs that can help you recognize a full septic tank. Discover them here.

How to recognize a full septic tank?

There are many signs that indicate that your pit is already full. When you notice any of these signs, you need to take action quickly.

Difficult water flow

Release of bad odors

Normally a septic tank does not give off bad odors. This is even more rare when it is maintained as it should be.

Thus, from the moment when bad smells emerge in the vicinity of the pit, there is certainly a problem. In some cases, they invade the interior and exterior of the house, preventing you from breathing properly.

This is one of the main signs that come to tell you that the pit is full and that it must be emptied quickly. The sooner you act, the better you can avoid ending up with a bigger problem.

Difficult water flow

Too slow flow of water is another sign that tells you that your pit is full. You should not take this sign lightly. In your shower, sinks or toilets, you may end up with water everywhere. If you don’t know how to do it, call a professional who can check the level and carry out the emptying.

How to determine the level of the septic tank?

When you notice the first signs that your pit is full, it’s a good idea to check the level. When you evaluate the latter at more than 50%, it is necessary to proceed with the emptying. You can then quickly limit the damage which can sometimes be significant. It is possible to measure the filling level of your pit using a simple technique.

How to drain

After removing the cover, plunge a stick or a pole into it until you feel a resistance basically. This indicates that you are at mud level. Then pull out the stick or pole to determine at what level the bottom has been reached. A higher level at half the space inside the tank indicates that it is necessary to intervene. If this procedure seems complex or you cannot manage it, it is better to call a professional.

How to drain?

A full septic tank must be emptied as soon as possible. If you wait too long to do this, you risk taking much more damage. It takes a expert certified by the prefecture for emptying. So you can’t do it yourself. When they arrive on site, the professionals carry out the pumping and the storage of water and waste in a vacuum truck. The pipes are then cleaned over the entire surface of the tank and everything is back to normal.

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