What are the steps to make a land serviceable?

Servicing land consists of making the connections to all the networks necessary for a house. These range from gas and electricity to water, sanitation and telephone. Servicing means above all that it is possible to carry out work there to build a house. To make land viable, several steps must be taken. If you don’t have the right information, it can quickly become complex. Focus on the steps to take.

Obtain a town planning certificate and a building permit

When you plan to buy land that will need to be serviced later, it is important to have a town planning certificate before confirming the purchase. Although it is not mandatory, it will be of great use to you in the context of the work to be carried out. It lets you know if certain essential public facilities are close to your plot. To make it simpler, it is a document that allows you to have all the information on the servicing.

You will then be able to find out if this procedure is possible and to what extent you can do it. In order to obtain the planning certificate, you are required to submit an application supported by a letter that fully describes your project. After the town planning certificate, the building permit is an important piece that will be used for the servicing process. As soon as you obtain it following the steps with your town hall, the servicing work can start.

Make the various connections

Make the various connections

After the first steps and the building permit obtained, you can proceed to the connections.

Connection to the water network

In order to connect your land to the water network, it is necessary to go back to the town hall for some steps. You must complete a specific form which serves as a connection request. Subsequently, the town hall will tell you which water company is in charge of this task. After making contact with the latter, it will send a technician whose first mission will be to establish the estimate. You will be asked to sign it and then pay before the start of said work.

Mains connection

To make land viable, it must be connected to the town’s electrical network. Here too, the whole process begins with the submission of a request to the network manager. Several documents such as a building permit may be requested for this purpose. You will also be asked to provide a copy of the ground plane and photos of electrical installations on site or nearby. You will later receive an estimate which must be signed within 3 months.

Gas connection

Gas connection

The process also starts with a request to be submitted to the company responsible for managing the network. To benefit from the connection, you must provide the details of the land and the accommodation. An estimate will be sent to you followed by estimated deadlines for the works. The distance that separates the land from the gas network influences the overall cost of the connection works.

Sewer connection

The request to connect land to the sewer network should be addressed to the department in charge of it at the town hall. A connection tax must be paid in addition to the costs related to the works. If the request is processed quickly, the connection can be made after one month.

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