What is the work damage guarantee? What works are included?

Just like your vehicle and your health, the protection of your construction is necessary for your development. Therefore, the use of insurance more than a simple choice can be essential. Especially when it comes to insurance capable of covering your construction over ten years. Find out through this article what the work damage guarantee is and the work it covers.

What is the work damage guarantee?

There guarantee pity towork is a subscription made with a insurer before the start of works of a house construction. It aims for immediate repair of construction defects in your building. More specifically, in the event of an accident or claim, this subscription obliges your insurance company to systematically carry out all the repairs.

To do this, it has a period of 90 days from the date of the declaration of the problem. In addition, it is possible for your insurance company to initiate legal proceedings against those responsible for the incident. However, this procedure will not prevent the repair upstream of the damage.

What works are covered by the property damage insurance?

Work covered by damage insurance

The main purpose of damage cover work is protection ten-year of your home. It saves you the heavy administrative procedures in the event of the occurrence of certain damage. In concrete terms, here are the claims covered by structural damage insurance:

  • roof leaks;
  • subsidence related to the quality of the foundations;
  • the walls considerably cracked.

From this rather restrictive list, it appears that this guarantee does not take into account all types of damage. For example, damage resulting from lack of maintenance as well as damage caused by the insured itself does not are not supported. The same applies to damage relating to the aesthetics of the construction.

Who can take out property damage insurance?

In accordance with the legal provisions in France, it is imperative for any initiator of work to construction to subscribe to the damage guarantee work. Thus, whether you are a private individual or a merchant, this constraint is imposed on you. Even more so when you need to take out a loan from the bank for your work, coverage is essential.

What is the amount of compensation for property damage insurance?

damage insurance

Either it’s about damage partially or entirely affecting your home, the compensation here is complete. All you need to do is go to your insurance company’s headquarters and report the incident. The insurance will in turn take care of making an estimate of the repairs. But unlike other forms of guarantees, for damage insurance workthe funds are not hand delivered to you.

How to take out property damage insurance?

For a subscription to damage insurance work, you must first find a reliable company. To achieve this, you can search online or seek advice from your loved ones. Also, if your usual insurance company has this particular form of protection ten-year no more hassle. You just have to go there and pay the registration bonuses.

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