what is this ? Tips for choosing and installing it correctly

When building your house, the roof must be properly ventilated. This will optimize the life of each element that makes up the roof. For this to be done properly, the installation of a fence is essential. To give you an idea of ​​what it is, we are going to define together what is a clasp? How to choose it? What are the techniques for applying it correctly?

Roofing: what is a clasp?

The shutter is one of the most important elements of the roof of a house. In the form of a roll or bar, it will make the roof much more waterproof by sealing the ridge or the hip.

what is a clasp

It can be made with different materials such as: bitumen, metal, lead, zinc, PVC or plastic. This part has different functions such as:

  • The protection of your home against the ingress of water, snow, dust or even rain.
  • Optimizing the ventilation of a pitched roof.
  • Preventing small pests from entering your home.
  • Protecting your home against moisture, mold and condensation.

Available in several colors, the clasp fits with all the colors of your roof to make it more aesthetic. An adhesive strip below the flaps will ensure easy installation of the closure.

Tips for choosing the right enclosure

To choose the right fence, you must take into account several parameters. Among these criteria, there is the ventilation needs of your roof. It is also advisable to choose the material with which it was made. Choose it according to the style of roof to be installed (flat or curved), your expectations or your tastes. This will give more aesthetics to your cover.

To choose a clasp, it is also necessary to take into account its size: its length and its width. Finally, for it to have a long life, always opt for a good quality sealer.

The steps to install a fence correctly

Before installing the clasp, all the elements that make up the roof must be dry and very clean. Then, on each edge of the riser rail, place a ridge cap. Draw a mark with a pencil in order to place the closing device without overflowing.

With the help of a staple or a screw, fix the closing device that you have unrolled on the rail. Make sure that the fixings are made approximately every 30 cm. Determine in which direction the rain winds are strongest and place the closing device in the opposite direction.

When you have properly fixed the clasp, you can gradually remove the protective film from the butyl. It is also recommended to first install the hip seal from bottom to top and then the ridge seal. Once everything is installed, it is more judicious to recheck the installation in order to avoid guaranteeing the tightness of the roof.

All of these operations can be quite complex. To properly install a fence, it is best to call in a professional.

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