why avoid this type of material?

Wood cladding is a material that is regularly used to make the facade of homes. Even if it has an aesthetic advantage, several faults are criticized by users. They do not work in its favor, because other materials manage to fill the void it presents. Find out why you should avoid using wood siding for your home.

rapid deterioration

The first reason for not using the wood siding is that it wears out quite quickly over time. Unlike brick or glass, this material has a relatively short lifespan. This low lifespan is partly due to its positioning at the level of the house. Since wood cladding is used for the facade, it is attacked by the wind, the sun and the rain. These different elements of the climate damage little by little, thus making the brittle material.

use wood siding

In these situations, the wooden cladding will crack and will undoubtedly affect the structure of the facade. Moreover, this material is very quickly exposed to the appearance of mould. The presence of these elements does not bode well for your facade, which risks collapsing at any time.

Outside of moldwood cladding is very often colonized by insects. These will gradually eat away at the entire installation and lead to its deterioration.

The wooden cladding must therefore be changed in the event of the appearance of these different types of wear. The cost to achieve these renovations to cope with the wear of this material is not the least.

Great sensitivity to fire

The wood cladding is a plus sensitive to fire and can quickly set your house on fire. This is one of the reasons why some specialists advise against the use of this material. It does not guarantee a security optimal, because it can catch fire at the slightest spark. The installation of wood cladding in your home therefore requires special attention.

Otherwise, the probability of a fire occurring is considerably high. It is in view of this risk that it is imperative to subscribe to a assurance. A subscription fireproof with an insurer costs more than traditional services. To reduce these risks and these many expenses, it is better to avoid wood siding.

A delicate maintenance

wood siding maintenance

The requirements for siding maintenance in wood are really intense. So, if you don’t have the time or the means, you should avoid having a facade with this material. Otherwise, all your investment for its installation will go to ruin. You should know that wooden siding must be maintained on a regular basis. This maintenance will make it possible to limit the appearance of mold and insects. You must therefore invest in the tools to ensure quality cleaning.

This includes, among other things, a sanding device, disinfectant products and specific paint. If you are unable to do so, you need to call a professional. In both cases, the bill to be paid to ensure the good condition of the wood cladding facade will be high. For the simple reason that the task is more or less complex and requires a lot of tools. Added to these factors is the frequency with which maintenance must be carried out.

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