why choose tailor-made?

To enjoy the good weather on your terrace or just to sit there to read or drink a coffee, you must arrange it well. Apart from the outdoor furniture that you will install in this space, you will also have to find a way to protect yourself against the sun’s rays or bad weather. The sun protection cover is the perfect equipment for spending time on your terrace, whatever the season. Why opt for a custom cover?

A protective cover suitable for all types of terraces

A sun protection tarp is generally a fabric canvas stretched between several mats. It is a waterproof equipment that does not let the sun’s rays or the rain through for all types of modern terrace.

When choosing this accessory, you have the choice between a standard model and a custom model. The last option is the best, because you are guaranteed that your terrace will be well protected.

Whatever the shape or size of the terrace, the cover will be totally adapted. Like what can be seen on sofareb.comFor buy a custom tarpyou must take the dimensions of your terrace so that it is compliant to the latter.

A tailor-made cover adapts entirely to your terrace. You won’t have to worry that part of your outdoor space isn’t properly protected.

custom tarpaulin

Tailor-made to match the style of your exterior

By opting for a sun protection tarp made to measure, you won’t risk spoiling your outdoor space. Indeed, if you opt for the standard models, you may find what you need in terms of technical performance.

However, when it comes to design, you will have very little choice. When you do the choice of tailor-made, you follow its design from start to finish. You choose the material and the dimensions of the canvas. You also decide the color and style of the cover. Made-to-measure therefore allows you to protect your space by refreshing the floor of the terrace while improving its style.

The criteria for choosing a custom-made protective tarpaulin

To choose your custom-made protective tarpaulin, you have the choice between different types of models:

  • there transparent tarp : this type of coverage allows you to see through it. The material used for this equipment is crystal type PVC. Thanks to this shade sail, you will benefit from a real well of light when the fine weather comes.
  • translucent tarp: this type of tarp also allows natural light to pass through. However, it is not possible to see through the tarpaulin.
  • the opaque tarpaulin offers you optimal protection against certain bad weather conditions.

It is not possible to see through the opaque tarpaulin. However, you can do customize this tarp with patterns or even a name; this helps to make the exterior more elegant and landscaped.

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