Why rent a storage unit?

Furniture repositories are special warehouses set up for individuals and professionals so that they can use them to store and protect their belongings for a certain period of time. Still called “storage boxes”, these warehouses are generally located far from city centers and can accommodate various effects (furniture, equipment, paperwork, etc.). They are available in several sizes and thus adapt to all needs. Here’s why you should rent one of these storage boxes.

To solve the lack of space at home

This is the main reason most people rent out storage. In housing, it happens that some households lack space. This is often due to the number of inhabitants and the amount of items and effects acquired over time. To unclog the premises and recover some space, you can opt for storage boxes. With this solution, we can store all the objects and other not very useful things. This, while waiting for a move to a more spacious setting.

Note that the takers are the only ones to have access to their box and that they can retrieve their effects at any time if necessary. For those who live in Haute-Garonne, we recommend the furniture storage for rent in Toulouse on locakase.fr. You will find boxes for rent from 1 to 50 m2.

To move in the best conditions

Box rental can also be very useful in the context of a move. Indeed, certain situations can precipitate a change of house or apartment. In this situation, one can choose to live with a friend or in a smaller room temporarily. While waiting to find new accommodation (and to keep the bare minimum), furniture and other heavy effects can be placed in a rented box. This will save you the stress of moving.

To preserve the furniture in the event of work

Some people rent a storage unit to preserve their furniture during renovations. Indeed, to change the floor covering, remove partitions or make major changes, moving the furniture is necessary. This is necessary to prevent them from being damaged by flying debris or paint. But, where to keep them during the renovations? The garage is certainly too small or occupied by the vehicle. And in the yard, the furniture will be exposed to the weather. It is for this reason that it is preferable to turn to storage boxes until the work is finished.

Remember that depending on the nature of the work, this move may concern all the furniture. Decorative elements, household appliances, seats… you will find the box adapted to accommodate all the necessary furniture. And you can get them back once the job is done.

To store materials or goods

Lack of space can also affect professionals. Some companies lack space in their warehouse for storing materials. This problem can also arise in the archive room or in the case of a surplus of goods. Once again, one of the best solutions to solve this lack of space is the rental of storage boxes. A company can rent a storage unit to store its inventory, equipment, merchandise and even its archives.

To keep your belongings safe

For those who have a trip planned, the rental of storage boxes is sometimes recommended. People living alone at home often have to face a dilemma when traveling: entrust the accommodation to a relative or leave leaving things as they are. To avoid finding your home in poor condition (on your return) or burglarized by criminals, it is best to rent a storage unit. So you can be sure that your belongings will be safe.

This is all the more important when you have valuables at home. You should know that most rental companies offer boxes equipped with surveillance systems to guarantee safety. This type of box is generally aimed at customers who have very expensive belongings to store during a renovation, a move or a trip.

To save money

The rental of storage boxes is often preferred by SMEs to save money. Instead of renting another location to solve the lack of space or to secure excess inventory, small structures much prefer furniture storage. This option is much cheaper than paying monthly rent. Moreover, it is a secure solution; no need to hire a caretaker.

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